Could home be happier?

Do you feel like every interaction with your teen ends in an argument?

Is your teen looking for more independence, while you are struggling to trust your teen?

We can help!

Family therapy assesses and treats the needs of the family system as a whole. It can help families to strengthen communication, redefine roles, and restore healthy boundaries in order to improve both individual and family functioning. Family therapy gives each family member a chance to share his/her view of the problem and ideas for a solution. It facilitates communication and helps each family member really listen to and hear what the other is saying. 

Family therapy is essential when treating teens with behavioral or emotional problems. Family therapy can:

  • Improve communication among family members
  • Break the cycles of conflict by identifying stressors that trigger these cycles and by improving conflict resolution skills  
  • Re-establish and re-define family roles  
  • Focus on problem-solving techniques that work for the whole family
  • Help teens and parents work through issues of trust, responsibility, and independence to support teens in a safe, healthy, and successful transition into adulthood
  • Help family members focus on one another’s strengths
  • Encourage family members to work together to make changes, instead of having only one family member learn and enact new skills
  • Greatly improve a teen’s chances for success in school and life by creating a strong family bond with positive, constructive communication
  • Create an environment where positive behavioral change is possible

family therapy services
family therapy services