Teen Therapy for Palo Alto, CA Residents

Palo Alto, CA is another beautiful city in the great San Francisco Bay Area. It has many popular restaurants with outdoor patios and high class shops that line the streets of the downtown area. During lunch time it’s a happening place due to all of the technology companies in the area.

The city sets up many different events and festivals throughout the year including World Music Day, which includes music from many different types of bands over a weekend. People from all over the Bay Area come to enjoy a nice stroll through the open streets all while snacking on great food and bopping along while live music is playing.

World Music Day in Downtown Palo Alto

Professional Teen Therapy in Palo Alto, CA

The teen therapists that work in our office, in Los Gatos, CA, are some of the Bay Area’s best. We have been known to work with many school counselors in the area as well. Why? Because we believe that school counselors get a glimpse of what it’s like to really be a teenager. Not to mention the bullying, the cyber attacks and social misrepresentation. All of the new stresses, for a teen, that are added by just living in this day and age. We know it’s a lot to handle.

Our team works with teens, and young children, struggling with traumatic life happenings. Including, bullying, school difficulties, bereavement. learning disabilities, chronic medical illness, AIDS, child abuse, incest and adolescent problems.

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