"Therapy helped me to have confidence in myself and to not let anything put me down."

- 16 year old male


"Counseling has taught me how to more effectively manage my stress and how to identify negative thoughts and change them into more positive ones."        

- 17 year old female


mother and daughter happy and smiling


"My daughter's therapist changed my daughter's life with humor and understanding while being close to me. My daughter could relate to her and trusted her, something which we have not experienced with other therapists. She gave our family loving support and I highly recommend her."

- Mother of a 16 year old female


"In therapy, I learned that I'm capable of feeling better and that I'm a much stronger person than I thought."  - 19 year old male


"My daughter learned to recognize her negative thoughts and behaviors, and she learned how to manage them. We have seen major improvements in her interactions with others. She also seems to be happier and more confident."                       

- Mother of an 15 year old female






"You gave us the guidance to talk constructively about common family relationship conflicts."

- Mother of a 17 year old male


"Through family therapy I learned that I have to be open with my mom in order for her to trust me, that I need to listen to my mom in order for her to listen to me, and that compromises can be made."

- 18 year old female


happy girl teen smiling


"We searched and searched for a therapist for my daughter. It was important that my daughter feel comfortable with her and the she had the qualifications and experience to really make a difference. It was a long and frustrating process. This one was too weird, that one was too old, the next one had odd philosophies. And then we found Lindsay. She is like Goldilocks . . . just right! Lindsay knows her stuff, has great rapport with my daughter, and is helping her make important changes in her life."

- Mother of a 17 year old female


"Therapy has helped me to wake up and feel like I have purpose, to love myself more, and enjoy the life I deserve."

- 19 year old female


"My daughter became emotionally stable and gained hope. She trusted her therapist completely, and felt very safe with her. Teen Therapy Center allowed us to have a deeper relationship with our daughter."

- Father of a 14 year old female

mother and son smiling and happy


"We sought support in dealing with our teen's behavior problems. At first, I didn't think seeing a therapist to help parent our son would be that helpful, but now I wouldn't hesitate to come back if I felt like we needed more support." 

- Mother of a 13 year old male



"Through therapy, I learned coping skills to help me lower my anxiety. I started getting more sleep, which helped me focus better in school. I feel more in control of my life and feel hopeful about my future."

- 17 year old female


"My daughter learned how to relax in stressful situations, how to manager her time better, and how to put more effort into creating healthy relationships. You helped her mature and make responsible decisions on her own. Since she has started college, she hasn't had any anxiety and is very successful in her new surroundings. Thank you for helping keep her on track. She loved each and every session with you, and we couldn't be happier with the young adult she's grown to be!"

- Mother of an 18 year old female


happy family smiling on grass


"My family came to your center for multiple issues, and we really needed a high level of support. Through working with your center, my daughter became accepting of herself, and learned the interpersonal skills she needed to communicate in a healthy way. Everyone, including therapists and administrative staff, provided an amazing level of professionalism and support during one of the most difficult times in our lives."

- Father of a 19 year old female


boy teenager smiling and happy

"I was at a loss - my son was unhappy and angry, and kept everything bottled up. He really felt a connection with his therapist and was able to express his feelings. Teen Therapy Center helped my son get to a better, happier place. Our home is peaceful and functioning well again, and we are so grateful to his therapist!"

- Mother of a 15 year old male



"We appreciate how quickly we were able to make an appointment for my daughter. Just knowing that someone was there to help made us feel better. Therapy at your center enabled her to open up to me so that we could improve our relationship at home. Her therapist was kind, warm, upbeat, and organized. I have already recommended your center to other parents."

- Mother of a 13 year old female


group of teenagers stacked on top of each other smiling

"I felt alone - like I was the only one struggling with my issues. Group therapy helped me gain confidence in myself and realize that I could open up to others and feel better."

- 17 year old male


"Family therapy helped both my mom and I talk more openly and honestly. My parents started to understand me more, and I felt safe opening up to them about my feelings."

- 16 year old male



"We needed to gain insight and suggestions for how to best support our son during his leave of absence from college. Through parent support counseling, we gained better insight on how our son's issues affected him and what we could do to keep communication open and encourage progress. We left feeling positive and relieved that we were on the right path, and walked away with improved understanding of our son's situation."

- Parents of a 20 year old male


happy father and son smiling


"Through family therapy, we realized that sometimes we didn't truly listen to one another. We developed more patience and learned new communication skills that worked for our family."

- Father of a 16 year old male




"I am so happy that we were referred to Teen Therapy Center by our pediatrician. My daughter was overwhelmed by a very academically challenging year, and was also struggling silently with her sexual orientation, which we knew nothing about. She learned coping skills and gained self-confidence. Therapy was a safe place for her to go and talk about any problems she was having. She looked forward to these sessions, and her success in therapy made us realize the important of talk therapy with a trained professional."

- Mother of a 20 year old female


happy girl teenager smiling leaning on wood

"We were struggling making the transition from child to teenager with our daughter. As parents, we developed the habit of "helping her" - which was really stifling her. Through parent support counseling, we learned that our daughter's choices are her own, and the outcome of her choices, whether good or bad, are hers to experience. We learned techniques to provide guidance and options, but also learned that sometimes it's more important to just listen and not judge. She feels loved and trusted, and has felt safe and comfortable coming to us when she needs extra support."

- Father of a 16 year old female


"Teen Therapy Center has reduced my stress level - I no longer worry about my son! He uses positive coping skills to reduce his anxiety, understands his emotions, and advocates for himself. You've brought peace and harmony back into our household. You gave him tools and an understanding that I could not. Thank you with all my heart for helping our son."

- Mother of a 17 year old male

group of girl tenagers giving a thumbs up